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Conflict Has One Certain Remedy: Understanding
Divorce and Business Mediation
Conflict is emotionally and financially debilitating.  If you are presently in the throes
of  conflict, more than anything else in life, you are probably wanting ease and
stability restored.  
Larry Rosen is a mediator-attorney helping those caught in legal
and personal dispute find hope and solutions  The
Through Understanding approach
offers remarkable benefits: relationships resume respect (if not warmth), and equally
importantly, enduring and mutually beneficial solutions naturally follow.   Parties
avoid the pain and cost of litigation concluding the process with binding legal
agreements founded upon mutual understanding.
Whether you are in the midst of a divorce, a business conflict or an inheritance dispute  
hiring a lawyer to battle for you in court will invariably lead to dramatic cost, both financial
and emotional.  If ease in your life is what you truly seek, consider the alternative.  
Resolve your conflict, including all legal issues, peacefully.

                  Is there any rational alternative?
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Resolving Conflict through Understanding